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  • Speed Limit 160 km/hr
  • Km Limit NA
  • Excess NA
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Royal Enfield Standard 500 has been more than just a bike for many generations and its charm and appeal has only grown over the years. It is the longest running motorbike in history with continuous production. Its distinct thump, simple design and resilient build make it a living legacy.

If you are planning to rent a Bike in Delhi that has brand loyalty, street presence, rock-solid image, and perfect for mountain riding then Royal Enfield Standard 500 is the best option for you. Get a Royal Enfield Standard 500 on rent in Delhi- whether you are a bike lover or a newbie. Royal Enfield Standard 500 is a good choice for a daily commute, leisure riding and even long distance tours like Leh Ladakh.

What Makes Royal Enfield Standard 500 a better choice to get on Rent?

Some of the reasons why you should rent this Royal Enfield in Delhi for your next tour are as follows:

  • Reliability: Royal Enfield Standard 500 is the bike you can trust upon if you are renting it for your long-distance travel. This bike has carb technology which was not present in the previous models. This technology increases the reliability of this bike as minor issues can be solved easily
  • Speed:This bike has the capacity to sustained triple-digit speed on the highway for all day long. So, rent Royal Enfield Standard 500 in Delhi to quick start your expedition.
  • Comfortable:Its seating position, self-start makes your ride comfortable.


    • - Type: Single cylinder, 4 stroke, spark ignition, air-cooled, fuel injection.
    • - Displacement: 499cc
    • - Maximum power: 27.2 bhp @ 5250 rpm
    • - Maximum torque: 41.3 Nm @ 4000 rpm
    • - Engine oil: 15 W 50 API
    • - Fuel supply: Electronic fuel injection
    • - Wheelbase: 1380 mm
    • - Length: 2140 mm
    • - Width: 810 mm (without mirrors)
    • - Height: 1110 mm (without mirrors)
    • - Kerb weight: 196 kg (with 90% fuel & oil)
    • - Fuel capacity: 13.5 ltr

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